About IFS

Investors Fund Services is a leading Private Wealth Management firm which caters to various Financial Needs of HNIs, Ultra HNIs and Corporate. We as pioneers in wealth management adapt to ever changing economic landscape while offering need based solutions to our clients.

  • Widest range of product suites
  • Customized wealth solutions backed by research
  • Qualified professionals with excellent understanding of markets and their domain
  • Firm Believer in process driven wealth advisory model which is always in line with our clients financial needs.
  • Aspiring to be one of the most trusted Wealth advisory firm in the Country

IFS are offering a range of financial investment advisory services. As pioneers in private sector financial services in India, we back our offerings with stringent processes and due diligence that are powered by superior research and deep domain knowledge.
Key Strengths
Network of skilled professionals including research analysts, portfolio managers, and product specialists
A team of committed people, where we help a client to realize wealth opportunities through a range of investment options and financial instruments

Tailor-made solutions backed by regular inputs from the in-house research team and augmented further by periodic analysis of your investments

Quality Control at every step. Portfolios are tracked through client relationship files and concurrent quality checks are done on the sales process and on the advice provided to clients

Our motto reflects our belief in personalized client experiences. Over a some period of time, we introduced Personal Financial Planning and Ultra HNI individuals, groups and establishments. Backed by some of the leading money managers and financial products in the industry, we offer holistic wealth management advice that is customized to foster and expand our clients’ portfolios.

Our Uniqueness:
At IFS, we provide exceptional private wealth management services by understanding our customers’ needs to develop innovative and customized portfolios. Our core business objective is to ensure our clients’ financial well-being. In this regard, we provide a range of strategic investment solutions by leveraging our deep-domain knowledge and research capital.

To protect our customers’ interests, we ensure the following:

  • Fully Independent and not owned by any Bank or any other company
  • Commitment to a fundamental-based ethical approach supported by in-house research expertise that is free of preconceived notions
  • Strong client base with significant wealth portfolios maintained in private banks placing us in a competitive position in obtaining better pricing and also access to initial public offerings
  • Conservatism woven into all of the Group’s product offerings. These are based on the philosophy of a clear open architecture behind every asset allocation at the core of every product portfolio, and a sharp focus on a research-based approach in product selection
  • Implementing only tried and trusted investment strategies across all portfolio segments
  • A multi-segment advisory approach where each segment meets its specific advisory objectives
    Expertise in evolving a product spectrum in the market, which stems from the knowledge that as valuations mature, the asset categories must themselves evolve
  • Customer-focused advisory business protecting client’s interest at every stage through tracking, auditing and validation procedures at customer level. This is supported by tools to control execution and products to support the customer’s needs