Our Product Suite

Leveraging the knowledge and experience of some of the finest financial IFS offers its clients a range of strategic and innovative wealth management solutions.
Our bouquet of services ensures that our clients can pursue an individualized plan to achieve their investment goals. Our product suite is a one-stop solution for your entire portfolio needs across equity, fixed income, mutual funds, structured products, estate planning, etc. customized to your risk-return profile.

Our product suite includes:

Direct Equity
Our in-house equity research desk provides recommendations based on strong company fundamental analyses. This is supported by a network of analysts with expertise in key sectors across industries. Our equity desk tracks various sectors and uses a mix of top down and bottom-up approach to identify stocks. Exposure to these is recommended on the basis of your risk profile – be it conservative, aggressive or moderate.
The direct equity product offering include:-

  • Model Portfolio (Aggressive, Moderate & Conservative).
  • Stock Flash.
  • Regular company/result updates.
  • Regular company updates.
  • Thematic Notes: These notes are largely sent to discuss important events/themes that are impacting the markets and desk views on the same.
  • Market Impact: These are notes on quarterly analysis of the companies of the model portfolios
    Sector report/ Sector Update: These are notes on a specific sector, explaining the basic business model and subsequent updates on the current scenario in the sector.

Mutual fund
We offer a complete range of Equity, Debt and Ultra-Short term Income funds to meet individual risk-return objectives. The selection of mutual funds is based on a range of parameters built on Qualitative due-diligence and Quantitative tools like FAMA Ratio, Performance Consistency Ratio, standard deviation, volatility, rolling returns, expense ratio, Credit Rating and more. The funds are distributed to clients across AMCs and are built on the principles of conservative approach and focused advice. MAAG (mutual fund analysis tool) is used to analyze the holdings across Equity and Balanced mutual Funds as the tool provides a snapshot to assess the asset allocation, market capitalization, sectoral holdings and company holdings.

Private equity funds
In terms of asset class, private equity focuses on generating superior returns whilst improving portfolio diversification. However, these funds are illiquid and recommended for aggressive investors. Our in house research team carefully evaluates and selects private equity funds that will help you achieve your long-term investment goals. We suggest a large range of funds managed by some of the leading and trusted names in the industry.

Structured products
A Structured Product is non-convertible debenture (NCDs) where the coupon or return on the bond depends on the movement of either an equity market index or stock. The coupon on these bonds are not fixed or assured. There can be two types of structures (a) Principal protected structures (b) Non-Principal Protected structures. They have fixed tenure and the issuers are largely NBFCs.

Estate Planning
Estate Planning permits you to protect your wealth and transfer it to future generations. We offer a wide range of products and well-thought approach to transfer your assets to the next generation according to your objectives and wishes. Estate planning services are provided through referral tie-ups with professional firms / institutions, to know more details reach out to our private Banking relationship manager. These estate planners provide clients, peace of mind by ensuring their estate is in order and their loved ones will always be taken care of. The professional team comprises of investment, banking and legal experts who provide clients specialized advice in all areas ofestate planning.

Client needs are met through:

  • Estate Planning.
  • Efficient tax planning.
  • Smooth distribution & transfer of assets to identified beneficiaries.
  • Dependable Trustees / Escrow agents / Managers to handle and preserve family fortune.
  • Uninterrupted management of assets.
  • Trust management & Wills.
  • Confidentiality.


Non-Resident Indians (NRIs)
As one of the fastest growing economies, India offers NRIs a wide range of investment opportunities across a variety of asset classes. With investment opportunities ranging from equity, fixed income, real estate and more, India has continued standing as an attractive investment destination.

NRIs keen to explore investment opportunities in Indian capital markets can choose from various investment avenues such as India dedicated Mutual Funds Schemes, Portfolio Investment Schemes and other eligible securities.

Investment offerings however, should be customized to your risk profile and investment objectives. To understand asset class behavior, the offering must further be backed by a strong research team and a dedicated service delivery team. A transaction based investment management approach or the asset advisory approach offered by wealth management firms in the specific country can meet these needs.

NRIs keen to explore investment opportunities in Indian capital markets can choose from various investment avenues such as India dedicated Mutual Funds Schemes, Portfolio Investment Schemes and other eligible securities.