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Investors Fund Services (IFS) has a group of promising companies under its name. The same four companies are linked through shared ownership, control, or management. What’s more, these companies are in different industries and have varying levels of autonomy and independence. Each company is a separate entity in itself and delivers more professional services to its customers. This is to provide more value to those who seek professional services with a difference.


Best Financial Services, Investment Advisory & Wealth Management Services.


Tapas offer the best types of assistance that work on mindfulness, redesign adaptability, mend the brain, and gives an all-encompassing way to deal with the body. With TapasWay, you will develop a greater sense of responsibility and control over your thoughts and actions.

Rai Advisory:

RAI is a leading Private Wealth Management firm which caters to various Financial Needs of HNIs, Ultra HNIs and Corporate. We as pioneers in wealth management adapt to ever changing economic landscape while offering need based solutions to our clients.

Broad Wings:

At Broad Wings Financial Services, we are committed to helping you grow your wealth and achieve financial goals. We create unbiased, customized investment strategies to help build, protect, and grow clients’ wealth.


Our endeavor is to offer unbiased, simple and easy to implement investment solutions to help you meet your financial goals. We adopt a disciplined and structured advisory process and provide you with holistic and customized portfolio recommendations. We adopt a PGA (Protection, Growth, and Aspirational) Model for Advisory i.e. for every investor, we allocate their assets into one of three categories depending on their personal risk profile.

The Four Pillars of Private Wealth Management at IFS:




Investments carry the least risk to the capital and is very liquid.




Investments are actively managed and will aim to outperform benchmarks for those asset classes




High risk, high return investments, where capital may be at risk however the potential return can be quite high


To be a leading provider of wealth management solutions backed by superior advisory capabilities for our clients and creating exceptional value.
Do not impose lock-in on client funds. This gives the flexibility to deploy wealth for the client’s life needs.



Sanjeev is a management graduate in finance and marketing with various market capital certifications. Sanjeev has more than a decade of rich experience in Financial planning, wealth management, and asset allocation portfolios. Prior to founding, IFS Sanjeev has worked with organizations like HSBC & HDFC managing large investment portfolios. His thorough understanding of capital markets, macro & microeconomics, and various sectors has helped clients creating superior alpha in their investment portfolios. Other than capital markets. He also constantly tracks sectors like Infra, Banking, and consumers. Sanjeev shares his views and inputs on various investor platform. Sanjeev has been counseling wealthy families, business owners, Corporates Houses on their Investments, Tax Planning, and Estate planning matters.