Investment Management Services in Bangalore

Private Wealth Management


We use the full spectrum of financial instruments, in conjunction with our house views and your suitability, to design bespoke solutions for you.

Mutual Fund

We offer a careful selection of mutual funds, based on in-depth analyses that best represent the most appropriate route-to-market for specific strategic or tactical objectives. Our analyses include firm and fund-specific factors, including consistency and risk management. We also ensure rigorous periodic monitoring to revalidate our conviction in the constituents of our selection.

Corporate Fixed Deposits

Our investment advisors monitor the global macro-economic environment as well as domestic credit and monetary policy drivers to ensure client portfolios are positioned with the most optimal instruments to meet their return objectives for specified risk levels. We also monitor the fixed income markets for tactical trading opportunities to generate excess returns and for changing interest-rate, credit-curve, and duration factors.

Structured Products

Our structured products team provides a customized route-to-market approach for our in-house views, or hypotheses generated by you, through the judicious use of both principal-protected as well as non-principal-protected structures, across asset classes, to achieve the desired payoff profiles.


Our equity strategies and recommendations are structured to deliver long-term, sustainable growth in client portfolios. We focus on companies with predictable growth profiles, strong competitive positioning, and top quality management, complemented with solid balance sheets, ROEs, and cash flows.

Alternative Investments

We are part of the alternative investment ecosystem and are constantly evaluating opportunities within this asset class across the full range of instruments including private equity and hedge funds. We are extremely selective about our recommendations, which are based on a rigorous due diligence process that encompasses a number of technical evaluation criteria, combined with sound macroeconomic context-setting.


For client objectives ranging from opportunistic trading strategies to the creation of hedging based customized exposures and pay-off profiles, our derivatives desk can create tailored investment management recommendations using fundamental, quantitative, and technical tools.